Intermezzo September 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 @ 12:00


Tuesday, September 30, 2008 @ 08:31

If you want to be sure of something, check out what the naysayers are writing. So far not much. Googling for ‘2012 scam‘ or ‘2012 hoax‘ turns out to be disappointing if you’re looking for real debunking arguments. Most debunkers state that it ‘simply’ cannot be true, because ‘it isn’t true’.

I admit it isn’t easy to debunk something that was initially bunked by almost no evidence. Debunk articles can be found here, here, here and here.

Even with all this debunking, we stick to plan. Why? Just like this lady rightfully writes: ‘just turn on your TV and radio’. If you believe this world is not dramatically changing, you should carry on as planned. We see many events aligning.

There is the proven polar shift (thanks NASA), which is speeding up in a logarithmic speed curve (Google Earth can even show you). This curve is to be found in the the financial world. Whether it is about number of companies going bankrupt per year the last 50 years or about the amount of Earth resources consumed for ‘economical growth’, or even about the inflation of every currency on the planet, you’ll find this curve over and over again. Even the world popuplation and the Earth’s hearthbeat the Schuman Resonance (just-another-believe-it-or-not-link). All these curves will eventually lead to a singularity, but we still don’t link a date to it.

What would you do if you had ancient knowledge that has little marks on a calendar indicating the months or years to look for shelter? What would you do if you had the control over the people who own the media?

If you want to understand why and how the world is changing accept that:
– people conspire all the time. Whenever you have groups of people, the smaller, smarter group is always going to try to control the large group. This is a human reaction for over centuries if not ages.
– information is not free, because it is valuable. And because of the first point, it might be of interest to some people not to disclose certain information. Reasons can be righteous like “we don’t want to inflict a mass-panic” or less pure reasons like “we must be the only one with access to this information”. As there is a lot of disinformation, thus confusion and chaos around, I suspect the latter to be the motivation for some information not to be disclosed.

The internet is the weapon of mass deceiving in this Thrid World War. Nobody is better at dividing the masses than the masses themselves. This is exactly the point of us leaving the Matrix, for this is only the very beginning.

Altitude is of importance

Friday, September 26, 2008 @ 10:11

We have to keep some things in mind. Height will be of importance. The height of the maximum flood waves will be around 2 kilometers. That’s around 20 football fields height, or 66,66 times higher than the 2004 tsunami in Asia. 2km waves will mean that the flood can travel up to 150 km into the continents in just a few hours. So distance from the shores is of importance, but so is the altitude of our settlement.

So if it comes to the practical stuff, preparations are fine. A cool manual for free gave me a good feeling. It is pretty complete and is about basic surviving on your own in a hostile environment. So not only distance from the shores, but we should also stay away from cities and villages nearby.

We decided to make a first expedition this winter, to see our location in its hardest-to-survive-state.

People are still free to join us. Just leave a comment.

Requirements are:
– age between 20 and 40, preferably couples
– no kids or pets
– good mental and physical health
– intelligent and specific useful knowledge (see previous posts)
– fluently French or Spannish and English (the more languages the better)
– be ready to leave home, car, work, money, family and friends in the next 1 or 2 years
– no turning back option (we are there without any communication to the outside world and no money or any ‘material luxury’)
– cost: nothing, just courage and a conscious decision

On the other side we need more time to spend on investigating the two possible causes and effects of the upcoming events. There are some natural/universe causes that are almost certain to happen within the next few years and there is the ever emerging ‘war on terror’, thus the human cause and effects.

In general the human cause and effect can be (worst case scenario): World War III (the current wars) emerging into World War IV. Use of biological and nuclear weapons. Use of space weapons beyond our imagination (in the same way as we couldn’t imagine the first A-bomb until they happened). But the most important human cause/effect might be the fact that the world changes keep increasing. This would drive many people nuts, and as many civilians still have guns in their homes in Europe and certainly in the States, this might eventually create a lethal mixture, especially in the larger cities. The upcoming demolition of our financial dollar system will most probably be the start of such a thing. Banks are now sending our letters to people that they might not get their invested money back. And as we speak another big bank went bankrupt.

The natural causes may vary, but again, we haven’t really done our homework on this one, as there is a lot of crap and bullshit on the net about this. Linking this stuff with a god whatsoever is completely not helping. I believe if we all want something together in a spiritual way, we can change it. But take in account that our education system was exactly build to avoid this. By training our rational side over and over again, you became unaware of your spiritual power. We have that serious handicap, and I believe there’s not too much time to get the whole world open up to the ‘three of life’ in time to influence the upcoming energy-related events.

So here is a quick summary of the nature/universe cause/effect that might lead us to the great escape.


Thursday, September 25, 2008 @ 14:25

While we keep informing ourselves about what might and will not happen in the near future, we are also thinking about the practical side of the stuff.

Some guy prepared a manual, which might be interesting. But we try to keep all options open.

As preparation we are going to do some test survival trips, to learn and experience the basic nature experience. Most of us have a hiking/scouting or military background, so we are not starting from 0.

Preparations will include:
– making fire without lighter
– preparing food from the wild
– providing drinking water
– building (underground) camps
– creating tools from objects around
– learning natural healing methods
– setting up a territory and how to guard it against hostility
– creating lethal weapons from surrounding material, both for animal killing for food (only if needed) and retaliating against any human encounters
– determination of plants and mushrooms
– …

The great escape itself will be done by 5 men and 5 women age between 20 and 40 years old, each with specific knowledge or intelligence.

Any tips and tricks are welcome of course


Thursday, September 25, 2008 @ 12:06

Let’s not discuss who I am, where I come from or what I do.

Somehow the big puzzle called ‘my life’ started to fall into place. For a long time I knew this world was fake. By intuition and my ‘life-path’ I discovered that the transition of this world is happening and that the pace at which it is happening is speeding up.

Together with some soul-mates, I’m going to leave the civilized world within a few months, maybe some years. We are going to survive out in the wild.

For what it is worth I’m writing this on the net. Two reasons:
– It is a good self reflecting method
– I’m under surveillance by intelligence agencies, and I know they read this too, so that the people working for them gain some insights in the world around them, and see for them selves that their employers are deceivable to say the least.

I don’t believe the 2012 doomsday for a fact. I believe the world is going to a near-complete-chaos-state, where people will start killing each other. I know energy levels on Earth and presumably in the entire Galaxy are rising. These might trigger in some unseen catastrophic events. So the end of the world as we know it: yes. Exactly on December 21st, 2012 at 11:11 (or any of the at least 8 other dates in 2010, 2011 or 2012 to be found on the net): no.

I know mankind today isn’t that smart as we were some thousand years ago. I know lot’s of spiritual cranks want to profit from 2012 to attract attention to their stuff.

Just normal thinking makes me believe the Western Empire is about to fall. We are on the edge. Earth can only support half a billion to a billion people with this ‘SUV-lifestyle’. At least half of the world population will die in the coming 4 years. But of course that would mean the reader before you, not you.