Intermezzo November 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008 @ 12:00

The count-down has begun

Thursday, November 27, 2008 @ 13:16

Yes, it is happening again. Not only a 100-people blowaway blast in the financial headquarters of India, but terror threats all over the place. In Brussels police is searching for ‘Islamic Fundamentalistic’ dudes. In the US the FBI warned the metro/subway personal of a pending event, and probably more to come after the break, so keep watching!

Obama reacts to this by giving a public statement that terrorism is to be taken seriously. Of course, it is. It is a manufactured problem that by now (some years after 9/11, and other giant terrorist strikes) they finally created their so-feared terrorists. Still our intelligence services are well trained to let the right attacks happen and the real ones to be fire-extinguished before the bom sets of. This is a hypercontrolled society, don’t expect these things to happen ‘below the radar’ in nearly 2009.

Furthermore, there seems to be a new major alert popping up in the modelspace on HalfPastHuman. Various data sources indicate an upcoming massive earthquake, maybe two, so severe that a major city might get completely isolated, due mid December. Accidentialy FEMA seems to be interested in severe earthquakes in the same region that pops up in the modelspace. We must be kidding.

Presequences seem to be quite interesting as we are indeed all part of the same energy, and are thus connected with one another. Many people around me, including customers, friends and collegues had a bad feeling ‘somehow’ the last few days. Again just a coincidence, nothing to worry about. But by focussing on our collective (sub)consciousness, I somehow seem to catch the presequence. Stating that a major (probably European event) is due not so far from now and that it will be huge (something ‘never-seen-in-your-lifetime’ stuff) is becoming a bigger possibility by the day.

Something else: I’m running the earthquake data of last few decades through some cool calculations and what we discovered so far, is that our friends at USGS either can’t calculate or deliberately avoid to show us that the earthquakes for the last two decades increase in energy. Of course, this happens in the same logarithmic pattern as discussed in some earlier posts.

Not to worry, let us just enjoy the giant upcoming wonder of media manipulation, they planned so hard for.

False Flag Terrorism

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 @ 13:05

This stuff came by DVD to two Belgian (dutch speaking) TV stations yesterday. Inspectors believe this to be a true, genuine treat. Although there is no way of knowing for a 100%, but this has every sign of being a pre-sequence for a future staged terrorist attack. First of all, the video is quite unbelievable. It is in perfect Dutch, it is quite well mastered, thus very good audio/video quality. The text in the song is different from the Dutch subtitles. Their faces are not visible. Most of the time, one should at least see their eyes, like in their other videos. The guys are white folks, not the darker skin colour.

So whether this video is a fake made for a joke by some amateurs, or made by our own intelligence forces, the result is the same. It wouldn’t be all-over-the-news, if it isn’t meant to serve as a pre-sequence.

This video also perfectly fits in the time-window. Last year, the ‘terror-treat’-level was suddenly elevated for a stupid reason around Christmas.

This also fits into the larger Matrix, as some trouble on various (political and financial) issues is due around beginning next year. An attack would offer the required distraction to unite the (very) divided country through this crisis, that is very likely to get much worse than it is now. For – as far as I’m concerned – Belgium had a fairly small share in the worldwide trouble, compared to neighboring countries like France or Germany.

So, I promised you predictions: I predict there is a staged terrorist attack pending on Europe’s capital, Brussels this winter. It can happen as early as December 15th, and probably before April 15th 2009. The very sure thing is there is going to be a near-martial-law again in Brussels around the end of December.

Please note that making a weather forecast is by far easier, and that by no chance, anyone is going to believe us, if the prediction comes true, because this is all just a coincident.

Can you feel the pain?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 @ 19:42

The pain of the crisis is now having direct results. I see people around me, losing money, jobs. Someone told me today her husband now only has to work 2 days in a week until further notice.

The other pain we feel is the amount of thinking we are going through. It takes a lot of time. It took two years of time for me to study the whole 9/11 subject. You know from those people shouting “9/11 was an inside job”. Well, now I have to study ancient history, space history, financial movements, political movements among religion, science and the difference between God and god in slightly less time.

We try to be as well informed as we can before we leave. We wont get a complete view before we leave, even less a detailed view. I use the simple rule: if some few at the top rule this kindergarten, then some few at the bottom with a clear focus, should be able to see and predict their moves. Someone called me a pataphysicist. Basically means: everything is a coincidence, stop looking for evidence.

I also managed to find out why people don’t believe any of what we are saying: They are kept in the dark. They like it that way, they are now used to it. They found a certain amount of luck in this situation. After all, it took them years to finally reach that point. Being lucky is a precious thing, and – just as we always vote for those who promise to preserve our material luck – the mind will routinely reject theories or even scientific facts in order to protect this achieved state of mind.
Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy, lucky, and I totally understand these people. This is why this crisis is the kind of thing we need now. I’m hoping people will start to question their state of mind. Since the paradigm around us is rapidly changing, we might eventually get some kind of a revolution. There’s only one thing to monitor: the devaluation of the world around those people must go quickly, in order to have the shock effect. It needs to be drastic too, to keep them from hoping things will ever be the same again. There you go, yet another prediction we will have to take account for, somewhere around the transition into the next decade.

Homework for today: download this and read it (regardless if you’re with us or with the terrorists)

2009: A summer of Hell

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 @ 16:15

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Keeping an eye on the US elections

Sunday, November 2, 2008 @ 21:51

Not that I personally believe in the ‘race to the white house’, it’s just that the amount of visible corruption gives me a good idea on how corrupt the world will become the next 8 years. The policies and the plan are ready to be executed, only the flavour in which they will be presented needs to be decided this Tuesday.

But with stolen elections in 2000 and 2004, and with the enormous turnout expected, I think it is a good idea to watch this site. Remarkably: reports of election fraud are already leaking in:

As for our plan, we are making enormous progress in both Digging and Prepping. If you like more info or which to join us, just leave a comment. We prefer people from Belgium. Here are once more the requirements:
– age between 20 and 40, preferably couples
– no kids or pets
– good mental and physical health
– intelligent and specific useful knowledge (see previous posts)
– fluently French or Spanish and English (the more languages the better)
– be ready to leave home, car, work, money, family and friends in the next 1 or 2 years
– no turning back option (we are there without any communication to the outside world and no money or any ‘material luxury’)
– cost: nothing, just courage and a conscious decision

Stay focused in this hyper dimensional world!