Intermezzo December 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 @ 12:00

BREAKING NEWS: Scientific Data confirms 2012 abnormal solar activity

Monday, December 22, 2008 @ 20:20

Don’t worry: we will post anything that says the opposite. This article explains how scientists have found a leak in the Earth’s protective magnetic field. The bottom line: When the next peak of solar activity comes, in about 4 years, electrical systems on Earth and satellites in space may be more vulnerable. This story is backed by NASA.

After the proven confirmation of the geological shift of the North Pole, this is a new element to back the theories from one of the 2012 whistle blowers. He is almost alone in predicting the world cataclysm in December 2012. While most other (American) sources keep talking about spirituality, the opening of a new dimension, Geryl (a Belgian) sticks to the 3D world reality that might happen that day. Patrick Geryl predicts the cataclysm based on a – quite crazy, we must say – deciphering of the Dresden Codex
Another good researcher, Zecharia Sitchin, is probably one of the best in his field of expertise Read the rest of this entry »

Belgium: status overview

Friday, December 19, 2008 @ 00:00

While we are waiting for the delayed twin quakes, the rest of the world waits for the foreclosure of GM and Chrysler, here in Belgium the sell out of our biggest bank is causing a deathly effect on the political environment. (cfr the predictions from some posts ago). As the rest of the world is reading this too, a little inside information first.

The King Albert II only fulfills a protocol function. He has no real power, unless the government resigns. Then still his only power is to appoint someone to form a new government or to give military orders in case no government is present in a war situation. Anyway, the guy is 74 years old, so let’s give him a break.

Only June last year Yves Leterme got elected Prime Minister of Belgium. Because politicians are now building up tension between us (the Dutch speaking Northern part) and our Southern neighbours (the Frenchspeaking folks) for more than two decades we have no less then 5 governments each with ministers, chief of staff, and the whole crap. This country therefore spends more taxpayers money feeding poor empty-stomach politicians than anywhere else in the world. This results in more political labour going in to the daily discussion of who is responsible for what stuff. Go figure. Read the rest of this entry »


Tuesday, December 9, 2008 @ 13:32

As chaos is entering the matrix, we appear to have entered the boiling stage. Imagine us sitting here, looking at a green screen with countless rows of dropping ones and zeros. As I stated earlier: with thorough research and an aimed focus, it is not that difficult to see where the world is going. Last year we had days of civil unrest in the suburbs of Paris, this year we have Athens in Greece, Bangkok in Thailand, Iceland, The Philippines, … . Unrest is soon coming to a large city near you. History already proved these kind of things travel at the speed of sound. But yes, let this all be a coincidence. Even here, we were somewhat surprised by this:

Why would Columbia Pictures want to do this? Such a clear message in a sci-fi movie? One can wonder how this fits in to place. The information confusion is clearly being intensified. You soon wont have any clue of what is true and what is not. Hollywood, with clear connections with secret societies, is taking a quite important role in putting up the smoke screen. Many of the secret societies, the NAZI’s other powerful instruments have proven ties to Ancient Egyptian Mythology. Keanu Reeves is even brought into play this December 12th:

Well, again not to worry: the disturbance in the force is increasing. This weekend the twin quakes are to be expected according to the HalfPastHuman ModelSpace. If they fall in the range of the FEMA report, I’m seriously going to consider these twin quakes to be man made. Proof? No. Never proof. The only proof one can get is from being interested in as much different disciplines as possible, and noticing the same patterns everywhere. And still… what does the word proof means? It has the same dirty taste as ‘truth’. Evidence is the only thing, but, as stated before, evidence is the result of a past action. Proof, nowadays is what the United World Media choose to make us believe, by spinning story after story, only to say 5 years later it wasn’t proof at all… At the bottom line, you will find the verb: to control.
I wondered why the internet is still online and ‘believed to be free’. It isn’t. It is control, from the very beginning. Mobile phones are nothing about being able to be disturbed whenever you don’t want to be disturbed. They are the closest powered chip they can put near you, and again, they make it easy to make a worldwide grid of people connections, because everyone you love is in that powered chip. Facebook, Google and even the free use of this blog are all linked to your identity. If some nerds at HalfPastHuman can do what they do, what can a trillion dollar blackbudget do, one might wonder?
Money is only needed to control a corrupt world. If the leaders were honest people, we wouldn’t need money. The same goes for the case where we wouldn’t have any leaders.

On the prepping side, we found a natural anti-conception. We also switched from the idea of one hotspot, to start studying several spots. We are still not sure whether we will leave because of the political situation or because of the pending nature events. The odds are still that history was forged by them, and thus the whole 2012 stuff might eventually happen, though it might be a more man-made version of the ancient prophecies. We’ll keep you posted.

By the way: everyone is tired, you notice? Low level energy in all humans, even my own cats are super lazy. Energy that is taken from us, in order for the coming earthquakes? We’ll see..

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