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No, it is not that we got in a word fight with George or Cliff. Nor is it the contents of their last “The shape of things to come” report. It is more likely us. Or maybe them. This comes from another blogger:

The person behind the project is hidden and not disclosed his identity. Most of the sections of the website are taken down. The payments are taken using Paypal probably to maintain anonymity. There is no name of the company on the website. I wonder why they want to hide all this information.

Yes, they are accurate in their predictions, they are bright, they have humor, but they are American. So, sorry-in-advance to George and Cliff for what’s about to come in the next paragraph.

We do not longer endorse UrbanSurvival or the Webbot. We read their last “Shape of Things To Come v0i1”. Too bad for the contents, but again it is 47 pages of listing “accidents” waiting to happen. With George writing about the color of his new car on his site, and Cliff having halted the project for some time, and now back again for only $10, the project slowly became unoriginal. If the report was truly that important it should be free (we make it free in the next paragraph, go click you fear lovers), Cliff should disclose the source-code, methods used to process the data and the sources on the net used to harvest the data. But guess what: they use the same methods they are fighting: secrecy and copyright. The day they stop making a business of it, Cliff knows where to find us.

Here is your choice: click this link to read their latest report for free or you accept that you can co-create your future right here, right now. We openly call for George Ure and Clif High to stop the fear mongering and change their project towards a constructive non-commercial platform, instead of driving people nuts with bad stuff about to happen. And although they have disclaimers and the like, many people don’t read them and are misled:

  • The WebBot is nothing about predicting the future. It is about predicting the headlines that will appear in the future. So for the many dollars they asked so far, all you can/should have concluded, is that the media manipulation is going to start to report more b*llsh*t than ever before. If it really happened is another pair of socks.
  • The WebBot picks up language written on the net. The bot can not/does not take into account the bad human habit that we generally broadcast fear to anyone willing to hear it, while love is distributed in a much more discrete way. Just imagine how you tell your relatives you have a new boy/girlfriend/are about to get married, and how you scream on just everybody when stuff heads the wrong way.

So, the time monks/scientists v2.0 should get involved instead of doing some brave reporter journalism. But I guess that step is easier to take here in “Socialist Europe” than in “Capitalist America”. LOL. Maybe their biggest problem is they don’t want to accept they have to let go the paradigm they are by now addicted to. Who cares when the stock market will crash George? It will crash eventually. It’s a global inflation based economy, ffs!

With love from Europe


13 Responses to Goodbye Webbot

  1. Green says:

    (profanity), (profanity).

  2. Doc Walt says:

    It appears that my previous comment is awaiting moderation. Truth doesn’t require moderation. It is what it is.

  3. Doc Walt says:

    This looks like a particularly Dutch version of the decline of civilization. I watched in Amsterdam the disintigration of Dutch society as squatters were allowed to move in and claim any empty building to the point that the actual title holders cannot make use of it.

    Here we have intellectual squatters claiming ownership of copyrighted material so they can circulate it themselves and ultimately destroy the project. And of course the only reason people squat is to take a crap. And in the typical nihilistic Dutch mind-set, these squatters are taking a crap on a remarkable achievement, justifying their actions by plenty of scribbled offal.

    Amsterdammerung indeed! — and I don’t mean as in “dawn”.

  4. Way to go you scumbags, you killed the project.

  5. medicis says:

    Under terms of service, there are copyright infringement rules at ‘wordpress’ dot com. I believe the owner of this blog should check them out lest he lose his blog.

    Which wouldn’t be an entirely ‘bad’ thing.

  6. This group is the most hypocritical bunch I have seen in a while.

    Read their membership guidelines, they sound like some sort of Mason or Comet cult.

    After checking out your blog, which you are so proud of, I have not been impressed.

    You still complain about your job/boss, claim to have dropped out of society, yet hide your name because if you boss found out about you he would fire you.

    The only “skill” you have demonstrated so far is theft. If your new world paradigm is robbery, to hell with you. You wont last long in the coming years at that rate, somebody will take you out the woodshed.

    With Love From The Evil Empire

    Capitalist Pig Dog American

  7. tom g. says:

    amai, die george kan er precies niet mee lachen. ‘k vrees dat dit weer iets te recht voor de raap was 8. zijn arrogantie geeft me wel de indruk dat er stront aan de knikker is.

    strange guys those americans!!

  8. George Ure says:

    Did I mention my identity is not hidden – neither is Cliff’s and your is? You lousy POS…

  9. George Ure says:

    1. I demand that unauthorized graphics use be immediately removed.
    2. That you immediately cease the downloading of Cliff’s copyrighted materials

    You’re a worthless piece of crap who freeloads on the hard work of others. You want a new society? better learn to do something more productive than rip off other people…


  10. Fred says:

    Tried to reply to the nonsense guys at, but post deleted and account blocked.

    I guess they don’t want to hear the truth: they just want a new messiah to adore. Actually, when you sroll to that forum u notice that the HPH ‘customers’ are just in for the entertainment and very proud they received clifs endorsement to be the official forum.

    Capitalist Pig, let me know whenever you see him on the telly talking about his past professional career LOL

    Anyhow, let’s not go nay-yey saying, it’s indeed getting suspicious for such a project *not to disclose source code/working methods/data sources nor to make it publicly available for free *if it indeed would help us all to alter the future. There are different ways to cover the costs I believe

  11. Astigmatic Third Eye says:

    Just want to point out that the reports Clif produces requires a whole lot of bandwidth. Dunno how things work in Socialist Europe, but last time I checked, that cost mucho dineros.

  12. Bullet point 2 is not completely correct. HPH states that their reports tend toward the negative/fear as an artifact of the software. The bot does not take that into account, you are correct, but the reader is told to filter for themselves.

    I would say that the time monks are very involved. Clif High (where is the hidden there) puts himself on dozens of radio shows and promotes the idea that if we all come together we can make the future a great one.

    Also, please respect the work people do and do not give it away. If you must write an article about the report, foot noted, etc… But please do not just give it away. Important work or things generally cost something, most people can not afford to work for free, especially in such a time consuming area.

    As far as paradigm goes, everybody is in transition right now, a recent report from HPH even talks about people being stuck with one foot in the old an done foot in the new paradigm. Soon we will be in the calorie economy/new paradigm, but for right now people need some money to buy pie.

    With love from the Evil Empire.

    Capitalist PIg Dog American

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