Official Swine flu case/fatality: 0,60%


Latest report from WHO – first in 16(!) days:

Regions Cumulative total
Cases* Deaths
WHO Regional Office for Africa (AFRO) 157 0
WHO Regional Office for the Americas (AMRO) 87965 707
WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO) 890 1
WHO Regional Office for Europe (EURO) 16556 34
WHO Regional OFfice for South-East Asia (SEARO) 7358 44
WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO) 21577 30
Grand Total 134503 816

Global case/fatality now at 0,60% (+0,15% since July 6th)

European case/fatality now at 0,20% (no previous data collected)

Which means, if we take our previous graph again:


that we are in for a *cold* winter. The mutation process has now started in Europe. The bomb is being deployed. The government in Belgium started distributing information leaflets – having not done that for 20 years.

Creepy stuff, but nothing to worry about as you can be immune. Trouble is they are going to vaccinate those people too – mandatory. I have a feeling – no scientific facts of course – that the 2nd kill wave will start on month earlier than the 1918 Spanish flu – early September, while being much more than 5 times lethal than the first April wave. This might cause it to have a longer winter, and thus more.

Still: one should consider for 1 second that despite the numbers and stats, there might not be a H1N1 at all. Shhhhh, don’t lunatic me, just _*think*_ for 1/one second how easily they could pull it off. It’s one of the best cover stories to trap everyone in their country/state/province/city and prevent the sheep from moving away from the areas where ‘bad things are about to happen’. Seriously, you don’t want half of Western Europe to move in a week down through France to the Spanish midlands.


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