Goodbye Webbot (II)


Follow up to Goodbye Webbot.

Never before I received so much hate energy in a such a short time span. Opening the mailbox today explained why I got the feeling two kids were afraid of the fire after they played with matches: to me

You have stolen from us, and defamed me personally. You are a coward and a thief. You have no integrity. I do not hide who I am, why do you? Who are you fucker? And what right to you have to determine what I do, and how I shall distribute it? I am sure your karma will reflect the negativity and total lack of integrity that you express. I am also sure that any new social order that you help create will be as fucked up as your personal ethics. You should remove my copyrighted material now. It is both illegal and a very bad expression of the lack of integrity that you have at your core. You stand before us as a naked, whining little thief with no creative talent, and only dark destruction in your heart. You are a disgrace to the dutch people.

cliff high
come to olympia if you have the guts and we can deal with this as humans.

And no Cliff without George:

George Ure ( to me

I know cliff has sent you a note, but I too demand removal of the unauthorized graphics use on your site.

The DMCA infringement suits are in the works, so just be patient…you have a good defense attorney, I hope? 2,500 downloads doesn’t begin to cover the damages you’ve done to the project… our bandwidth costs alone on this are staggering…


Besides there were other ways to put this, he surely didn’t read our disclaimer.

About the thief/stealing concept: that would be: I hack into HPH server and get the PDF for free and then sell it for $8 instead of $10. What we did: we payed over $400 for the last reports of which the last one was so staggering that it was thrown into the public domain here. If you honestly believe we gain anything by throwing our ‘investment’ into the open, you have the wrong picture.

But I get these guys are angry and I offer them my sincere apologies. I send them love and compassion so it may heal their wounds. No sarcasm, I mean it. The post was never intended to hurt them personally, only to send a clear message: web bot needs to go open source and evolve.

However, for us, it wasn’t about the report – which looks quite important, and given the fact the last hits are getting more sharper and sharper, I – and I am not alone in this – am confident that Universe didn’t want such a technology to remain in the hands of a single yet intelligent person. Let’s put it one last time:

If it is Half Past Human’s interest to try to alter/change the course of humanity and provide ways to (a) alternative future(s), we kindly ask them to:

  • disclose the list of the sites where the data is gathered
  • disclose the methods used
  • disclose the source code of the program

As long as this does not happen, Half Past Human covertly admits they are ‘in-for-the-money’, not about protecting our planet, not about preserving human lives and not about any kind of integrity, just plain money-making egoism.

Not the money? Guess what appeared today on George Ure’s blog {emphasis mine}:

There has been so much ripping off of the “Shape of things to come” report in torrent sharing and on web sites out of places like the Netherlands, that we’re being forced to shut down the whole project. While it may appear to some (low-life types) that file-sharing of the reports wouldn’t be noticed, not only has it been noticed, but it has driven a stake through the project.

The reason is that the costs of the project run in excess of $20,000 per month and we’d been counting on revenue from sales of the reports to pay for bandwidth. Since the rip-off artists have effectively killed the paid downloads by giving it away free, Cliff is forced into the position of shutting down future reports unless we can find another way to cover the $25K/month in project costs.

Moreover, since that’s the road Universe seems to be kicking us toward, might as well harmonize with it and put the whole project up for sale, executables, source code and all. If you’re interested (and have a relatively deep pocket) send an inquiry to or and we can talk. Yes, we will talk to any country that wants it and no, we’re not interested in ‘cooperative ventures’ with two-bit players. Cash talks and BS walks. Cliff’s sick of the whole thing anyway and knowing the personal toll that goes into the interpretation of the data, can’t say as I blame him.

Want to roll your own? Fine. Lots of luck, but don’t bother us. We’re trying to figure out what to do with an $850 electricity bill, a room full of servers at Igor’s place and how to get out of a $16,000 data services contract.


Not only has the revenue been ripped off from Cliff’s ALTA/Shape of Things To Come reports by desperate people who will do anything they can to get traffic to their pathetic web sites (since they don’t offer original content of high value to begin with) but Cliff has also being royally screwed because his patent for original work on his Vortex Reader is being infringed all over the place. For example, there’s a “reader” program out on which seems to infringe on Cliff’s patent.


All of which brings us to this morning’s dour report. The web bot project is for sale, the current report is likely the last since the original benefactor who funded the project is in China and is no longer able to support the project as he generously had in the past due to the changing political situation there.


Barring any change in conditions, the web bot project bids you ‘so long and thanks for all the fish.” Yeah, I’m still working on ways to get Cliff to change his mind, including embedding serial numbers in each copy of the report so we can go after individual infringers for damages, but that BS – to have to go to that extreme to protect proprietary work, isn’t it?

(Credit to –

Or how the future watchers can’t adjust themselves to the new paradigm. Before anyone blames us for the “second dead of the webbot project”, wait carefully to see the third rebirth around mid September, if we can believe our own webbot, that is.

I’m aware that the American/capitalist meme is that you will be rewarded if you work hard enough, and I do respect that. So, it must be difficult to make that switch, because as soon as something sounds like too social/open source/communist, American people raise their hair on their back.

However – if this project is real, and more talented people can work on it – it could start to mean something for the general public, and report what has the highest probability of really happening, instead of just reporting the future news, improve accuracy and so forth… Imagine the possibilities.

My last thought on this is “With great power comes great responsibility”. This is the Internet, which Half Past Human claims to use as their primary resource – just wondering if they are ‘authorized’ to use their sources as they do. Using the Internet doesn’t imply they own it. Their reports predict this economy/property-based-life-support-system is about to collapse, yet the old fashioned reaction looks like they know justice/money/old-paradigm is about to continue for another decade. I’m wondering if they really never thought about what writing a $10 report about ‘millions about to die in 6 months in your region’ would do to people. And how those people might feel seeing it sold as a tabloid low-level entertainment to some internet whizkids, just trying to find a new hobby after the Star Wars sage is over? The $25/hour project manager apparently didn’t.

Being a Prolog programmer myself, I did make the exercise: if I were Cliff yesterday, I would be a steaming bull, so angry, but I would realize as well that earthquakes create new (and fertile) lands. You’re just never happy for the  earthquake to happen, but thankful for the new land.

Thank you for trying to understand an honest opinion, and again apologies to both gentlemen. We assure the data is now removed from this server, although it may take a few hours to clear from the Internet cache.

In Lak’ech


33 Responses to Goodbye Webbot (II)

  1. Hey I just wanted to let you know, I actually like the writing on your blog. But I am using Chromium on a machine running version 9.10 of Crashbang Ubuntu and the design isn’t quite correct. Not a important issue, I can still basically read the posts and research for information, but just wanted to inform you about that. The navigation bar is kind of challenging to apply with the config I’m running. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sam says:

    One problem: the email you say Clif wrote to you spells his first name incorrectly. Does anyone really believe that he would have done so himself? So, perhaps rewrite your trash on behalf of Clif, and spell his name right in the signature so you appear a more credible fraud.

  3. Aitch says:

    Web Bot came back in September, hit the Internet with tragic tales of woe – and nothing they have said has come true! Yet they still have an army of followers! Blossom Goodchild 2.0!

  4. Robert says:

    To the author of this blog:
    Thanks for providing a kick in the ass to these arrogant charlatans, George and Cliff. About a year ago I listened to their interviews on the net. I took in their damn predictions. I read George’s Urban Survival blog. I felt it was affecting my psychological outlook. So…I quit. Now, I am making more money than before even during this friggin’ recession-depression.
    I think they are full of shit.
    Robert, from America.

  5. Givafokker says:

    Curious group, these web botters. I purchased the latest report, and joined the bot forum. After George’s report that the project was for sale, I suggested to the group that George, being a money guy, figured it was time to sell… First I was called a troll who didn’t pay for my report, and then was, unceremoniously, removed as a member of the group (the moderator would not reply to any of my emails). Their “Kool-Aid drinking” mentality has me stumped. Personally – and I expressed this belief to the group – think that Clif, a Karma kind of fellow, is sincere, and may be on to something. The Sheep, on the other hand…

  6. Ex-believer says:

    Sounds like you are the target they have waited for to dump a failing business, they have been begging subscribers to renew for a long time. They even included a prediction that their site would be forced out of business in the yearly predictions pdf, that’s motive.

    If they sue you, countersue on behalf of their clients to force them to disclose their research methods and how much money they have made from work derived from uncompensated and uncredited sources. I’m sure an international court won’t be impressed that an American company that charges hundreds of dollars for unoriginal reports attempted to use your identity to declare a sudden “forced” sale to force its service provider to slash its rates. Very ethical!

    Have your attorney ask Ure how your blog “harms” the Web Bot but his paranoid blog that consists of “personal” commentary written around links to conspiracy and news sites doesn’t affect it? I’ve read the July report that apparently is part six of the failed Alta series regarding mass radiation deaths from the Israeli/US bombing of Iran which miraculously has been forestalled by a “secret caller.” When this doesn’t happen don’t forget to tell them they saved humanity so they can charge for that report too. Maybe the server will feel generous and give them free service for their effort, hooray!

  7. angry IT nerd says:

    Pathetic George and yes-knodding Cliff are now using the file size of the PDF as an argument to sell their stuff. Two things:
    ° The great escape folks obviously use a mac, look at the design of this blog, HPH uses windows/linux. The files are stored on WIN/LINUX servers probably NTFS/FAT system. The reports are the same because it was downloaded to a MAC (using HFS or HFS+), file size changes because of the transfering between different file systems. happens all the time
    ° Cliff protects the PDF with a anti-copy password, that password is still the same, if you reverse-engineer the PDF the passwords are the SAME.

    And btw:
    webbot SoTtC reports v0i0 and v0i1 are out in the open. Won’t post the link here, because I want my comment to be published, but google is your friend. I did the above two checks on the new ones I found an they are too upload from mac and same password.

  8. An Easy Mark says:

    whoever wrote this blog is a genius, and probably right.

    thank god someone called out web bots special brand of bullshit.

    thank you!
    web bots are greedy, and are not into spirituality, that is clear.

    and by the way, the “violet flame” is not real. duh.
    quit promoted things fake concepts that get people nowhere, and only offer confusion.

  9. An Easy Mark says:

    calm down.
    web bots would do well to remember and state that their reports are not location sensitive, and might be perceived as fear mongering. and by whom, i ask.

    they have been wrong, people, lets not stay in denial.
    and they have been right on occasion.

    George is sooooooooo full of himself. he needs to get off his high horse, and quit stealing predictions from ***** *****, then researching them as web bot projects. You know nothing of Karma, george.

    May Karma bite in the proverbial *ss, down there in Texas, which is perhaps one of the worst places to be in terms of a coming prediction revolution, also a prediction by ***** ***** years ago, and as i see it, ripped off by you.


    An Easy Mark.

  10. inTruth says:

    Lemmings. The people speaking up for this bot thing can’t see when they’re being played. The bot dudes held their breath and someone gave them a break on their server bill. Plus the fora are buzzing with talk of the project. That is something known as generating publicity, folks. Cheaper and often more effective than paid advertising. What is most unbelievable is the panic and anger and vengefulness that immediately swelled among the ranks of the subscribers to the reports. This is like a cult following — cult members willing to attack to defend their leaders. It’s a little scarey. I’ve subscribed to these series up to this last one. I remember the threat to pull (as mentioned in another comment here) back in 2006 and then earlier this year on 1309, and now this.

    I won’t send these people another cent. I see it is a game and I don’t want to be counted among the followers, seeing how they have behaved this round.

    If you believe that Universe has this under control, then whatever happens, go with it. So much talk of karma yet you do not trust Universe to respond with karma blasts or whatever you think it does to spank the wayward inhabitants but instead threaten to do it yourself. You all so clearly do not practice what you preach.

    Must be tough basing your beliefs on a text that can be taken away so easily, and having a leader of that belief that threatens to do that to you on a fairly regular basis. I’d pull my faith from that quick, and find something a little more stable, were I you.

  11. kiki says:

    the blog posts re webbot and comments of some have been very enlightening: i have learned there are quite a few people who believe it is their right to whatever they want regardless of who it belongs to –

    you are the folks that should be forewarned: when tshtf, don’t show up at my door; i will defend what is mine

  12. Don't panic says:

    The bot is already back and george still has some questions for you… I’d advise you to ignore them, but your Earthquake riddle already seems to have come true.
    [quote]Web Bots Back On Track
    Seems that after yesterday morning’s report on the web bot project being on the chopping, a number of things have gone surprisingly right. For one, the data pipeline which feeds the project has been repriced with the threat of our departure, such that what had been $16,000 per month will be the same amount but for 90-days. Good news indeed.[quote]

    Respect for taking these @#@&§#& people to blame you instead of thanking you for$10,600 monthly savings.

    Webbot with Cliff, without georg ure +1 vote

  13. Evert says:

    Here they come…
    “You don’t have the right.” “Universe decided…”

    Do these folks understand the Universe? Everything that happens is the Universe. Every child saved from starvation and every bank robbery.
    Wake up USA: your constitution is a human invented abstraction, so are our ‘rights’. And I don’t believe Universe works with the principle of ‘debt’ either.
    How about Universe giving a little bit more weight to the mess created by the Anglo-Saxian Empire, made possible by all of us talking and discussing instead of acting, the last several decades?

  14. deadmousegirl says:

    Universe did not put you in charge.

    You have no right to decide the fate of other people’s work.

    There is no excuse for your actions, other than pure ego.

    You accuse the web bot folks of being “in it for the money”, yet your drive was pure greed.

    Not monetary greed; but perhaps a desire for attention or righteousness.
    This is a form of greed, in that you are taking something from many others in order to satisfy yourself.

    Take heed – the Universe can work in odd ways, but never misses a debt.
    Kharma will come knocking.

  15. mam says:

    You have no right to decide the cost of another persons product, or it’s value. We are not living in a world of equal people yet. This is as if you robbed my pantry to feed your group.

    Someday you will have a bright idea to enable you to survive or make a living and it will be snatched from you. That’s how karma works. Cope with it now. It’s coming.

    I am pretty sure copyright violations are a $10,000 fine plus they come in and take all your equipment.

  16. Evert says:

    I find it interesting: it’s noon in The Netherlands, night in USA, no more comments, no more hate..

  17. Close comments says:

    I’m °almost° crying to see all these people shouting ‘scumbag’ ‘loser’… Get a life, seriously. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS STEALING IN THE FUTURE – WE ARE ALL ONE – THERE IS MUCH MORE NEGATIVE VIBRATION TO YOUR HATRED COMMENTS THAN POSTING A $10 PDF…

    In case you haven’t read this blog for the latest months: everything on this blog is ‘stolen’, that’s why it is looking great, and copyright George is looking crap… Everything these folks do around here is not copyrighted and immediately free… This fits into the philosophy that we are all one, but like the poster said, USA folks think it is communism… This is the end of an age if you believe in it, or the beginning of our lives if you can disconnect yourself from the fear engines…

    Respect to the Numbers for taking this shitload of bad vibrations!

  18. Why says:

    Why do something so utterly foolish and then attempt to justify yourself with a non sincere apology – I do not want the webbot project in the hands of just anybody – open source pfft – I want it in the hands of someone the universe sees it fit to be in he hands of.

    Obviously you were not the person chosen – Cliff was – he has dedicated many years to this and your silliness cost many lots.

    Grow up

  19. Manny says:

    Are you really such a pathetic loser blogger that you have to steal copyrighted material and post it just so people will come to your worthless blog???

    Whether you’ve killed it for good or not remains to be seen, but it looks that way now. Hope you’re proud of yourself you scumbag. May you rot in hell!

  20. teo says:

    You guy pervert your intentions by getting all wrapped in criticism of their efforts. I don’t believe everything they write as I don’t believe everything you write. To me, you are two sides of the same coin. To me you are signposts about the thoughts and fears in the mass mind about what is going in the world. This was value of the webbots to me.

    Instead of looking around at others who are preparing in the way they see fit, you really should be examining your own minds. The arrogance you demonstrated here are exactly the seeds of discord that will tear your community effort apart. You maybe able to escape taxes and police, but your mind will still bring you whatever make with it and this goes with you where ever you go.

  21. Jdd says:

    Here are my comments of this morning, posted to GLP after reading George Ure’s rant:

    The issue of Clif saying that the data run was fatally contaminated due to proliferation of the reports by Web pirates merits much attention. This is a meme… a kernel of truth about the project is represented by this statement.

    Just think about the numbers…

    How many human beings and machines post content on the Net that is spidered, indexed and filtered, being churned into the modelspace? Countless numbers of people and postings…

    Out of all the spidered content on the Net, we know that a percentage is eliminated based on certain rules. But what remains is the posted content of a very, very large number of people.

    Now, what percentage of those people even know that HPH exists? How many have heard about the Web Bots? And of that group, what percentage have read the pirated documents?

    You can be sure that it’s a very small fraction of the whole. So small, that I don’t believe for a minute such a fraction could pollute the ‘whole’ of posted content the Bots spidered, what to speak of negatively impacting the consciousness of all the people who contribute to that posted content.

    It’s just not believable.

    And if I’m right, then we have to wonder why the creator and guardian of such specialized technology, which purportedly has the means to enlighten and warn the masses, would ever cast such aspersions on the tech by suggesting that something as simple as a quantity of pirated reports could skew and ruin the data.

    To my mind, this is like telling all the neighbors that your own child has a fatal mental disease, when s/he does not.

    Why would anyone do such a thing?

  22. LOL says:

    “Before anyone blames us for the “second dead of the webbot project”, wait carefully to see the third rebirth around mid September, if we can believe our own webbot, that is.” LOL, check out urbansurvivalsite right now! These guys are *PATHETIC*!!!
    first drama: alta 1305 ($280) or somthin was confusing the bots, they said it would delay the bots, were pissed off, continued, now their second drama: SoTtC ($10) was put online, and then they can’t cover the costs, they go mad, they put it up for sale, and the same day their data center gives them 66% production costs?
    i’m going to research them for a possible connection with walt disney

  23. Foxx says:

    WOW…what comes around, goes around. I hope you get Karmaed up yor collective asses. What you have done is tantamount to theft!

  24. matt says:

    @ Fred

    I did read the article before i posted, and quite frankly it’s a huge great steaming pile of horse sh1t.

  25. Good Job Dudes says:

    Fuck the WebNots

  26. bogus George! says:

    Surprisingly, the “web bot” didn’t predict this???

    To use the same argument that the RIAA and MPAA use regarding piracy is ridiculous. It’s just an easy excuse to mask the real reason. You CANNOT lose revenue if somone downloads copyrighted material that they NEVER would have paid for anyway! It’s so simple…
    For example, I use a library computer and cannot affort $10 or whatever they charged for a report. Therefore, I NEVER would have purchased it (besides that I didn’t believe it’s true anyway), so I CANNOT be a lost sale. So if I were to download it it’s still not a lost sale because, again, I never would have purchased it to begin with!
    Same goes with music,movies, etc…

    Nope, this is just an excuse to mask the real reason. How about “It just doesn’t work” as the reason.

  27. palookas revenge says:

    lemme see if i get this straight… except for some mumbo jumbo about earthquakes, you’d be pissed too if you were clif. what the hell is that? no more than a way of justifying/rationalizing your actions. hell, if i needed an excuse to drink all i’d have to do is go to an AA meeting!! i can find plenty to blame there.

    well, justify this then; quote……..

    “As long as this does not happen, Half Past Human covertly admits they are ‘in-for-the-money’, not about protecting our planet, not about preserving human lives and not about any kind of integrity, just plain money-making egoism.”

    being an admitted prolog programmer you do realize then that your conclusion as stated is but one of many that could be drawn as possible. that you were able to apply the earthquake metaphore only confirms that you do realize this.

    my question to you then is this… why did you pick this one?

    this is like me saying that if you take a drink of water or a breath of air you are covertly killing the planet!! hell, maybe overtly even since i really don’t know your intent. out of what? your egoism?? the fact that you exist?

    your argument that you ponied up the 10 bucks and therefore does not constiture theft? fyi, copyright infringement is regarded as a form of theft. why the hell is this obvious to everyone but you?

    and speaking of intent… every asshole’s got an opinion. just like you right? well here’s mine… i think the title of your post tells it all and that you had full conscious intent to kill the project.

  28. i just discovered this blog.. is ths a/ a clash of the same ego’s, b/ a clash between the europ and americ cultures or c/ just about €$ or d/ none of the above..

    the professor is surprised people still want to look into the future, given its ugly look lately..

  29. Anonymous says:

    LOL @ whiner comments :DDD
    Between all the whining I can hear Music!
    ***Video Killed The Radio Star***

    How are these kids going to survive the coming if they can’t process the fall of their heroes? LOL

    Nice damage control btw!

  30. kiki says:

    you are one of those people who obviously likes circular thinking and taking other ignorant folks along for ‘your’ ride…… i certainly hope everyone noticed the discrepancies between your part 1 and part 2 – let me get this straight: you believe it’s just fine for cliff to do the work and someone else be paid for it ? that’s in essence what you are saying – you have no right to tell another human being what to do with his or her work – i have absolutely no respect for you nor for what you did – if you were honest and had no devious or malaigning thoughts you would have contacted cliff before taking the immoral and illegal action you took – shame on you – wouldn’t want your karma !

  31. Fred says:

    better disable the comments, all commenters here haven’t read your article. many people agree with you as well. i read george’s blog for 3.5 years now, yours for 6 months, and he is very fear sensitive and can’t take critics, good reporter, but unstable personality. it was the end anyway with the China guy, george’s article today is just like a kid whining to have its toy back.

    I guess its a typical american emotional way of handling. there’s much more acting involved than you’d believe. keep up the criticism and don’t do it ever again! ;)

  32. Everyman says:

    I suspected that this would have been the last run but to have a dishonorable person take the hard work Clif had done and given it away? Here… take my potatoes and vegetables and give them away and leave me with nothing… what does that say about you? Your lack of integrity disappoints myself and many others. I can understand your desire to announce to the world the dire predictions, but you could have done it without this act of theft. I’m sad to say that if the predictions are valid, then ridding the planet of those like yourself may indeed be a good thing after all. Good luck with your life. You are going to need it.

  33. matt says:

    Thanks to your mediocre website, the web bot project is now dead in the water. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

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