Exit The Great Escape, up to the next level


It’s been fun. Since September 2008 I wrote 80,000 characters. I read it once again lately, and enjoyed the progress I made as an individual and The Great Escape as a new tribe for freedom. Most of it still stands. Missed a few dots, but all in all, it went well, and we enjoyed it.

So this is the last post for the Great Escape. We’re not quitting, but the unplug process has been initiated. This blog will remain online as long as Internet v1.0 is still in place.

Intermission III
We decided that the vibration present in our group is not properly reflected on this blog anymore. The matrix literally became a pile of smoking dust in just 10 months that it now even sounds weird to say you’re going to escape it. It’s more like a rotting place where you get the strong desire to move away from.
In other words: we no longer escape or run away from something, rather we move/grow towards something.

The Swine flu pandemic/genocide will most probably happen this year. And yes, the (euro)dollar death meme is ringing, though some of us believe that the whole ‘crash the economy’ plan might have been delayed for another year. Oh and look there: NASA bombs the moon October 9th and inflicts an alien war and nuclear armageddon. Anyhow, if you’re still in love the matrix, you’ll cry seeing it worsen. That’s why we switch gears into the next level of our path.

The times ahead
“Does this ‘exit’ has anything to do with the near future?” you ask. It’d be just plain unwise and stupid to see the green letters and numbers in our matrix monitor room all showing severe due disturbances within the force, and to keep blogging for the the sake of blogging. Since this is the last post, we’ll put it one last time: continue enjoying your life by all means, but take the time to create a Plan B for you(r family):

  • store 2-6 months food
  • make sure you have a safe-house
  • find means to defend yourself
  • don’t expect you’ll be the only one(s) on the run at the chosen time
  • do not trust your government unless they say they are going to kill/vaccinate you
  • develop your mind: learn to use telepathy instead of an iPhone, be aware of your dreams
  • be aware of what you eat – you become what you eat, certainly when it’s meat
  • do not believe MSM propaganda about wars, pandemics unless you truly feel it is true and/or see it happen
  • etc..

If there is one developing story you need to follow it is the August 22nd, 2009 event. 49% it doesn’t happen, but the first signs are now (clearly) visible. Our predictions for 2009 are still on schedule.

The lesson we learned
What we understand now is that knowledge is important. You need to understand what kind of mess you/your family/we are in. The problem is most people – say the classical 99% of our visitors who ever stumbled upon this blog – get stuck at that point, eat the dirt, and get addicted to the taste. Something like smoking. You know it’s bad to habit, but you want more. No shame-on-you thing, most of us went through it as well.

Then you arrive at the conclusion that the English written internet is mainly Western Europe, USA and Australia, i.e. not representing the whole world. Let alone that most people surfing on it live in luxury, only want doom-entertainment, but turn their back when something actually needs to be done or prepared to prevent/avoid the doom. This ‘spoiled-kids’ generation made us realize that it is of no use to try to educate them. At some point we forgot that this is World War III: the war on information, and at some point we lost focus and sometimes picked a side.

We went further, and realized that we are manifestations of energy. What makes us special is we can redirect energy. This is one of the most fundamental aspects and key firmaments of our lives now. By monitoring the Swine Flu, you give it attention. By reading about an apocalyptic future, and pre-accepting it, you co-create it.

Don’t worry, we did it too.  And a little later again – by discovering the webbot project and getting a kick to predict the future, and getting addicted to look into the future. Only to realize months later – again – that by looking in to the future, one co-creates it. So once we had that realization of co-creation, we started looking on how we could use co-creation to progress our project for freedom.

The next level
We realize this is the last stop for the majority of our readers – as intended. To those people we wish a pleasant life, the strength and courage to resist/process the bad news stories ahead, the power to be free and the compassion to love and to adore.

The next blog will be quite different. No more commenting, no more news(flashes). The blog will be written by all Numbers to give a more balanced view on our path to freedom.

As you can rightly sense, there is no hurry, since we are slowly disconnecting. The new blog will be announced in time. The link will be e-mailed to anyone requesting it. The new URL will be posted on this website, whenever we feel to.

On behalf of all the Numbers, thank you for reading, e-mailing and commenting. Because your energy indeed gave us the strength to go on.


The Great Escape

…you want to join us, simple move your mouse a little bit to the right of this and click.

The Deal
We provide you this blog so please feel free to try and become our superhero by sending this blog to other aware souls. Of course you are free to contact us as well. Read that page – especially before posting any comments.


6 Responses to Exit The Great Escape, up to the next level

  1. 2012 says:

    If there was no God you could escape but God is in control of this whole world and you can’t escape God

  2. Wolf says:

    Good luck from me too. But after you exit the great escape, will you enter the small escape?

  3. nemfis says:

    I will try to prepare myself and my familly thanks to you. Thank you and good luck.

  4. Stone Mountain says:

    Thank you for helping us see more clearly. We will miss
    your insight.

  5. Anonymous says:

    don’t esacpe yourselves!!

    good luck and good life to all!

  6. Theo says:

    Good luck and may the road rise whit you.

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