New website

Monday, March 1, 2010 @ 12:00

This blog, its intention and my personal adventures are continued on


Exit The Great Escape, up to the next level

Friday, July 31, 2009 @ 12:00


It’s been fun. Since September 2008 I wrote 80,000 characters. I read it once again lately, and enjoyed the progress I made as an individual and The Great Escape as a new tribe for freedom. Most of it still stands. Missed a few dots, but all in all, it went well, and we enjoyed it.

So this is the last post for the Great Escape. We’re not quitting, but the unplug process has been initiated. This blog will remain online as long as Internet v1.0 is still in place. Read the rest of this entry »

Note and call

Monday, May 4, 2009 @ 15:00

The matrix is warming faster than our climate and we need to prioritize. According to our general matrix monitor system, we will have to be colonizing by the end of the year, this year, 2009. I’ll try to post biweekly ‘Escape status’-reports, but we can’t afford to spend anymore time writing in English. The daily stuff will be continued on the Dutch sister blog – which we maybe should have done from the very start. Anyhow, I hope we showed some people there is an alternative and we somehow encouraged, motivated or inspired other escape initiatives in other parts of the world. Don’t know if it is readable but you can try reading with google translator. Read the rest of this entry »

Record in Missing Persons

Thursday, March 26, 2009 @ 14:22


Just as predicted in the HalfPastHuman Reports, Metro (Belgian Newspaper) reports today that more people than ever went missing in 2008 in Belgium. We know this thanks to some pedofile issues in recent years in Belgium, which triggered the creation of a Cell Missing Persons, which now monitors the ammount of missing people. Article is in Dutch.

Slow down

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 @ 01:07


This blog is being translated to Dutch, but will continue in English as well. However there will be a slow down in posting. The scheduled posts about prepping and cracking the matrix will be published on time, but there will be less newsflashes and other posts. Can I complain for a second? Yes I can: I have to do most of the posting myself, because the other Numbers are too busy doing the real work: prepping and researching. We’re also meeting up with new candidates and most of us still have quite a bit of a matrix life to continue in. So stay tuned. Dutch blog is under construction here. If you can help translate please contact us.


Monday, February 16, 2009 @ 02:00

Due to some technical issues with Google’s Blogger system, we switched to WordPress. We changed the look a little bit, and made some extra sections. The left side is now the right side, and there you can find a search function, article categories, archives and our Grammy Award winning link section. Above you’ll find some new menus, to help our hurry-up-with-your-world-cataclysm alike visitors finding their way through our over-complicated minds a little easier.

Please update your bookmarks to RSS readers need to take a new feed, located at

Even with a site switch you get some homework. While doing the transition we noticed that more than half of the YouTube movies we posted were deleted for one of the very lawyer-alike-yet-creative YouTube Removal Reasons. So head over one last time to the good old and go play those YouTube videos!


Thursday, September 25, 2008 @ 12:06

Let’s not discuss who I am, where I come from or what I do.

Somehow the big puzzle called ‘my life’ started to fall into place. For a long time I knew this world was fake. By intuition and my ‘life-path’ I discovered that the transition of this world is happening and that the pace at which it is happening is speeding up.

Together with some soul-mates, I’m going to leave the civilized world within a few months, maybe some years. We are going to survive out in the wild.

For what it is worth I’m writing this on the net. Two reasons:
– It is a good self reflecting method
– I’m under surveillance by intelligence agencies, and I know they read this too, so that the people working for them gain some insights in the world around them, and see for them selves that their employers are deceivable to say the least.

I don’t believe the 2012 doomsday for a fact. I believe the world is going to a near-complete-chaos-state, where people will start killing each other. I know energy levels on Earth and presumably in the entire Galaxy are rising. These might trigger in some unseen catastrophic events. So the end of the world as we know it: yes. Exactly on December 21st, 2012 at 11:11 (or any of the at least 8 other dates in 2010, 2011 or 2012 to be found on the net): no.

I know mankind today isn’t that smart as we were some thousand years ago. I know lot’s of spiritual cranks want to profit from 2012 to attract attention to their stuff.

Just normal thinking makes me believe the Western Empire is about to fall. We are on the edge. Earth can only support half a billion to a billion people with this ‘SUV-lifestyle’. At least half of the world population will die in the coming 4 years. But of course that would mean the reader before you, not you.