Debunking 2012 (II)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 17:00


Here in Belgium we have a somewhat left wing magazine called Humo. Some weeks ago, it had a complete interview with Patrick Geryl and his idealistic plans to set up a colony in the Drakenberg Mountains in South-Africa. Just like when 9/11 went public on Belgian national television (stripped version of Loose Change I, way back in summer 2006), Geryl’s interview was immediately continued on the next page with an interview from a professor, member of One day after the Loose Change airing, national TV aired a program in which psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists told the viewer why people want to believe in conspiracy theories.

I mention this, because not once will you ever get a serious debunking, when such theories are going mainstream. The cut up version of Loose Change strangely didn’t have the part in which they ask the question of all questions: how can two 110 story steel framed buildings collapse in just under 10 seconds? 10 seconds is the measured official time, and 10 seconds appears to be the speed at which an object from that high would fall through air, conforming the Newtonian law of the speed of acceleration. Hey, why leaving out the funniest question the psy-guys could chew on? How is it possible that national broadcasting didn’t pick up that conspiracy theory fact? Worse, how can one explain that a pure physiological scientific true or false event is being ‘debunked’ by some notable psy-guys? Yet, even my own family agreed with the media. Conspiracy theorist I was for life. We would-like-you-more-if-you-didn’t-think-that-much person would be more appropriate.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 @ 08:31

If you want to be sure of something, check out what the naysayers are writing. So far not much. Googling for ‘2012 scam‘ or ‘2012 hoax‘ turns out to be disappointing if you’re looking for real debunking arguments. Most debunkers state that it ‘simply’ cannot be true, because ‘it isn’t true’.

I admit it isn’t easy to debunk something that was initially bunked by almost no evidence. Debunk articles can be found here, here, here and here.

Even with all this debunking, we stick to plan. Why? Just like this lady rightfully writes: ‘just turn on your TV and radio’. If you believe this world is not dramatically changing, you should carry on as planned. We see many events aligning.

There is the proven polar shift (thanks NASA), which is speeding up in a logarithmic speed curve (Google Earth can even show you). This curve is to be found in the the financial world. Whether it is about number of companies going bankrupt per year the last 50 years or about the amount of Earth resources consumed for ‘economical growth’, or even about the inflation of every currency on the planet, you’ll find this curve over and over again. Even the world popuplation and the Earth’s hearthbeat the Schuman Resonance (just-another-believe-it-or-not-link). All these curves will eventually lead to a singularity, but we still don’t link a date to it.

What would you do if you had ancient knowledge that has little marks on a calendar indicating the months or years to look for shelter? What would you do if you had the control over the people who own the media?

If you want to understand why and how the world is changing accept that:
– people conspire all the time. Whenever you have groups of people, the smaller, smarter group is always going to try to control the large group. This is a human reaction for over centuries if not ages.
– information is not free, because it is valuable. And because of the first point, it might be of interest to some people not to disclose certain information. Reasons can be righteous like “we don’t want to inflict a mass-panic” or less pure reasons like “we must be the only one with access to this information”. As there is a lot of disinformation, thus confusion and chaos around, I suspect the latter to be the motivation for some information not to be disclosed.

The internet is the weapon of mass deceiving in this Thrid World War. Nobody is better at dividing the masses than the masses themselves. This is exactly the point of us leaving the Matrix, for this is only the very beginning.