Intermezzo October 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008 @ 12:00

Digging (I)

Saturday, October 25, 2008 @ 15:49

I am quite some time involved in this “Great Escape” and therefor I already had some time to think about the first major thing we should do. After some reflection time, it is now perfectly clear for me that at this moment it is all about ‘digging’. I came to the conclusion that, for me, there are three different ways of ‘digging’ to do or to be done.

This post will tell you about the first ‘Digging’, ‘digging’ into the known (pseudo)sciences to understand more about the things that are happening at the moment, things that are being expected and things we can expect at the time we unplug. What can we believe of all the things being wrote on the web at this moment? There are hundreds of sources who claim to know what will happen, and although there is probably a backbone of truth in all this information, some people are eager to add some “personal” ideas to this “backbone of truth” that don’t really have any backbone at all, if you know what I mean. There are a lot of good storytellers out there who are writing, very convincingly, crap. Therefor it is important for us to dig for this “backbone of truth” and try to see through the mazes of crap.

In our quest, we have found some nice resources to do so. Some are already mentioned in the menu on the left. Another one I would like to mention is Half past human, some sort of prophecy site. How this exactly works is explained here. Project Camelot is a big site, trying very hard to put evidence and experiences on the net against the flow of the controlled media. For you to judge (or investigate) what is true and was is just fantasy.

As time goes by, we find out more information about this matrix and who is in control. More and more people are coming up with evidence that something is wrong, and something is going to be wrong in some years. People who are in control of this matrix are aiming to a point in the future. They are also making preparations and every day we can see more and more of these preparations apearing in the news. You just have to look between the lines of the news. Example needed ? I will give 2. The financial crisis at this moment has started off with some ‘rumors’ spread by ‘some people’, and the whole world economics are under pressure. Actions taken by every government around the world should normally have been sufficient to stop the panic. Instead, every day there are reports of stock markets going down because of people panicking. This panic is caused by so called “speculators”(the same people as ‘some people’ from above), who keep feeding the rumors. Result: George W. Bush already discussed the installment of a New World Order to avoid these panics in the future. It was all out in the news, even “New World Order” was mentioned:

While this ‘New World Order’ was always laughed away by the majority of people (who didn’t do any investigation but just believed mass media saying it was ridiculous to believe in that), it looks like the minority at least was right on this part. Could it be that they are right on some other parts too… ?

Second example is the eager of a lot of nations to go to the moon or Mars. You don’t think it is strange that China, India, Europe, US, Russia are all focusing on space at the moment ? The US government has just raised the budget for NASA, while they have a big financial crisis on their hands, a national debt which has never been higher and 2 wars that are costing billions of dollars.

Just 2 examples of the way we see things changing around us and because we are ‘digging’, we know that something is not right. We will keep on informing you people with this blog of major things we discovered and things we believe it is worthwhile looking further into.
While we keep on digging, we also encourage you, reader of this blog, to start digging. For yourself. Just in case …

Why escaping?

Monday, October 13, 2008 @ 08:11

As more and more prophecies start to come up about the year 2012 and the increasing pace of evolution, I will try to make a little summary:
– most prophecies say we have a choice. Together we can all make a difference. Even with small groups we can alter our conscious future.
– most prophecies speak about dramatic natural/material changes. In short: less materialism, more spiritualism.
– most prophecies denounce a massive human population decrease. The people behind these prophecies claim that this is not a problem as our spirits are eternal.

And then we have a minority of the sources we reviewed that claim:
– we will be visited by species from another galaxy
– key figures from various religions (Moses, Jesus, …) will pay us a little visit
– other dubious stuff we like to forget here

Anyhow, I think that 2012 is merely a label for the further increase of speed in evolution which will eventually result in more madness, read: more % chance to get killed per day. This said: I do believe some events might happen around the end of 2012, like galaxy alignments, etc.

So why escaping? Because I not only love to be true, I want to have a true life. A real life. Where the only – and I do mean the only – certainty is that there are no long term certainties.

This is not the world – rephrase – this is totally not the world I want to live in, but I don’t consider suicide an option, because this planet is paradise. We are just fucking it up like so it looks like hell. And again: I really mean we, us. We are the stubborn and conservative people who are afraid of change. Maybe we are tired of society as a concept, though it brings us the entertainment for not wanting it to go. But we are the problem of this planet. If a progressive change is brought upon us, we almost always rebel against it.

We (speaking of Belgian people now) are opposing e-ver-y-thing. The only way we don’t oppose something, is if it is brought upon us by emergency. This way the invisible leaders of this world developed the problem-reaction-solution technique. You see it applied everywhere. From major world wide false flag operations, to city hall. They purposely let things go down, consciously, until the pipe breaks. Then they already know (and are never surprised by) the reaction of the masses, and they offer the solution to the problem. That solution is merely the initial target they had in the first place. All they need is patience. All we do is making a racket.

This brings me to the very wise rule I always apply in world history: the truth is revealed by the result or the solution they eventually offer to the masses. They play dirty tricks? Yes, sure and even more. But you make the conscious decision not to react. Why? Because you are in fear of what others might think, because TV makes you feel small, because you lost self esteem and compare yourself with the sleeping masses (for which you don’t need math, to realise they are more).

To avoid people thinking that I still believe in this Matrix just because I keep writing so passionately about it: I’m not. This blog has the sole purpose of informing our friends and families and potential candidates for this escape.

Added some new documentaries and great links on the left.


Thursday, October 2, 2008 @ 13:08

Evidence is what is needed. Not only for us to make a conscious decision, but also for our friends and families to understand our decision. The problem with the word ‘evidence’ is it sounds like ‘proof’. To me these words refer to something that occurred in the past. We have proof that guns can kill people. Because it happened in the past, we could prove it, and everyone agreed on it. So for the upcoming events to 2012 there’s not much to be presented as evidence or proof. The only thing we can do is look at the direct past.

There again we have the problem that many of these events are ‘fresh’. Only when certain events fade away in history more people get more objective about it. But if you start talking to people about the financial meltdown, 9/11 or even the landing on the moon, you are confronted with many different and subjective opinions. This is because people naturally want these events to fit in their personal truth and beliefs. This makes it very difficult to work and make progress.

One thing is for sure: this adds up to the fact that much more than half of today’s world population will die the coming years. Simply by not being open minded to alternative versions of their truth. This is a sad, but good thing, as these human beings living their live fully believing in the Matrix – the fake TV world – around them and not paying attention to the parallel universes around them, are of no use in Earth version 5.0 or even more. Just like sex makes sure new life is born out of a strong male and female being, a higher and longer cycle makes sure those selected new born life, indisputable forming a civilization, are put to test too.

You and me were once the best sperm cell out of billions. Now once again, you are the sperm cell in this society that just like all the others wants to survive, implicating you will need to be the best again.


As this whole project of us unplugging in the Matrix is one of the important things in our lives, we decided to set up triggers. Like we see in the past days, the financial system – say the entire economical system – is collapsing. Governments are taking mass loans to ensure the continuity of the banks. For every bank that fails, brings another larger quantity of banks down with it. The way the rescue is taking place, is in a complete ‘illegal’ and self-destructive way. Say there a few holes in the ship, and there is water coming in. What the governments and world central banks are doing is making other holes at different places in the ship above sea level to close the wholes below sea level. But this ship is sinking, and soon water will be entering the ship through the holes just above sea level. This is only a matter of time.

Make no mistake, this ‘crisis’ is not an accident. It is done on purpose. Little gossip and the delayed action by both governments and central banks assured this could happen. So how do I know? Look at the interest rate of the central bank changes. No precautions were taken and the word preemptive is clearly only in their war-dictionary. The ultimate goal is to enslave the population even more, make them poorer than they already are, decreasing world population and of course the further centralization of power. So those triggers?

We each decide them for our own. For me the trigger to start preparing for our Great Escape already happened. The trigger for leaving will be if one more bank in Europe goes down. Why? Because if I wait for another bank to go down, the chaos might already be in such a state that we can’t flee anymore: rioting in the streets, closed borders, aggressive police force. I expect all of this to happen sooner than I want to believe myself. This brings me to the conclusion that my trigger will be set off in mid 2009. Even if the financial system revives, it will be back on its knees before we know it.

Of course, I’ve made a set of triggers, such as abnormal behavior of nature, absent the global warming hoax. Maybe I’ll make some other triggers in the near future.

In short, evidence is around you, if you can realize your life had been lived and lied before you. If you don’t, you will most probably die quite soon. But even that wouldn’t prove us right. Lucky us.