Welcome to yet another ‘2012 survival group’ blog. The difference? We know what we are doing, we reject drugs, medicine and alcohol, we have a multigenetation (all the way from kids to 50+ people) tribe and we are DO people, not TALK people, we have a plan, and you can be part of it.

We’ve decided to leave the matrix. The matrix is everything man-made around you. Every law, rocket, coin, house, job, title, social status, gun, whatsoever.

We love our lives and this planet. We are not poor, not rich, we can survive within the Matrix, but we know that’s not a good idea. We are not religious, but we are spiritual. We are God to ourselves. This diary is not to convince anyone, whatsoever. Its main purpose is to inform our friends and family we will leave behind. In this diary we see through abstract values and we focus on the big picture and link various events and items to one big model. For this is exactly the matrix’s self-defense mechanism: to prevent overview, clearness, real knowledge and intelligent self-thinking lifeforms.

We already took the red pill, and here you can read along while we get ready to unplug… as long as we are in the matrix.

This blog covered our adventure from September 2008 till July 2009. Since August 2009 things have changed.


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