Silence before …

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 @ 14:30

Looks like the new boss of the world has arrived. Change. Hope. I think the biggest problem he got, is that he will bring change. The inauguration looked a lot like the scenes in the Rise of Evil. In fact, he is nothing less. This autocue-puppet-puppet-on-a-string will ‘lead’ us into the outcome of the financial meltdown, the age in which we are at the brink of a world war, merge some countries together in bigger continental/global government structures, and finally sell an explanation for the more and more strange nature disasters, while not talking about 2012.
Change. You bet it will be change. On his inauguration day the DOW Jones alone lost 4%. Some banks in Europe are doing very ‘organized’ and steep declines, making it possible for the governments to attract even more banks (thus power) towards them. A historical event? Remember what happened with the stocks, the days leading up to 9/11. Russian dictator Poetin, sent out a friendly warning, while the biggest Russian newspaper is preparing the Russians for the upcoming World War they sure look like they mean it. Meanwhile, Israel wasn’t too shy to admit they pulled back their troops just in time for Obama. Here in Europe we have Germany, France and the UK shouting for ‘something like a New World Order’. Hell even our own Former Prime Minister Verhofstadt, calls for it… Why? According to Gordon Brown because we might face ‘de-globalization’. Gee, more coincidences, much more visible in the mass media, but still less and less to worry about.
Let’s wait and see how much inside information Joe Biden and Colin Powell got when they made their slip of the tongue about Obama’s first test.
According to HPH modelspace, we’re due to expect a ‘global tsunami’ somewhere in February and a the combination of the Greatest Depression with the revival of the May 68 peace-love-and-flowers movement. This stuff should eventually make some kind of a roller-coaster trip during Read the rest of this entry »

Intermezzo January 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009 @ 13:15

From a strategic point of view, we prefer to broadcast our intermezzo now, because later this month we will need our space for some other stuff. Coming up in the matrix is a landslide, and so is the title of the next song.

Our 2009 predictions

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 @ 12:11

(How many red pills one should take if one ever took a blue one, since both pills are placebos?)


We strongly discourage everyone to use these predictions. Massive intelligent use of these predictions would run these predictions obsolete. And last but not least: this is for entertainment purposes only. Many people truly believe in the matrix (though they know it is an illusion). To those: click away now. And for the freethinkers: these predictions, whether they come true or not, won’t make us more trustful, this is not an exact science. The only reason why we make predictions is to test out our discovered patterns; we applied new data to them and we’ll see in a few months if they match with reality. Our methods are described in our first Intermission report.

This said…
Our own predictions. We ranked them in order of probability. Read the rest of this entry »

Coming up this Tuesday: Obama-Bush teams to stage ‘disaster’ exercise

Sunday, January 11, 2009 @ 03:16

(Another staged exercise went awfully wrong some years ago)

Well, this kinda fits the constant chit-chat in the matrix about a big event coming up and to give even more support to ‘the solution’ from your last homework. It also fits with the rumored January 20-21 ‘big event’.

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The outgoing White House administration will next week hold a joint “disaster scenario” exercise with top members of the incoming team of president-elect Barack Obama, US officials said Friday.
“I’m not going to go into the details of it, but it is a disaster scenario where the government would be very much tested,” White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said.
“It is an exercise scenario, a hypothetical scenario that is designed to test and tax the capabilities of the federal government,” he added.
He did not specify whether Obama or vice president-elect Joe Biden would take part in Tuesday’s three-hour long exercise, saying merely it was part of regular training events and had not been motivated by any specific threat.
A huge security blanket is being thrown over Washington for Obama’s inauguration on January 20, with up to two million people planning to converge on the US capital to witness the nation’s first African-American president being sworn into office.
“It is a very public event … and one that gathers, you know, leaders in a very small environment, essentially. So obviously we have a lot of concern about it,” Stanzel said.
“But there is no credible threat at this point to the inauguration that is precipitating this.”

(Complete article here)
So: nothing to worry about. Cool, let’s see what else is on the tele tonight.

Further scientific indications for 2012 troubles

Friday, January 9, 2009 @ 22:05

National Academy for Science in the US of A not only gave us a nice presequence of what’s boiling up in Iran & the Middle East, they released some not-to-be-distrubuted-in-prime-time report to backup NASA in their warning for the effects of solar winds in 2012. Although we don’t have it from the official source, these two sources (here and here) don’t seem to contradict each other.

Story highlight:

Stormy past 

Solar storms have had significant effects in modern time:

• In 1989, the sun unleashed a tempest that knocked out power to all of Quebec, Canada.
• A remarkable 2003 rampage included 10 major solar flares over a two-week period, knocking out two Earth-orbiting satellites and crippling an instrument aboard a Mars orbiter.

“Obviously, the sun is Earth’s life blood,” said Richard Fisher, director of the Heliophysics division at NASA. “To mitigate possible public safety issues, it is vital that we better understand extreme space weather events caused by the sun’s activity.”

2009 took a quite serious jump start, yet it is still a warm-up for the upcoming. Coming up is our own man-made prediction report for the year of transformation.


Look for the problem and the reaction if this and this is the solution.

Intermission report I

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 @ 13:25

Let’s take a break in lecturing you about what is going on in the matrix. It’s an eyeopening away if you only want to see it. And guess what, we’re seeing many things aligning in the matrix. January 21-22 looks like an important time frame to test our brand new world leader.

If it comes to earthquakes: read some shaky-shaky stuff here.

So here comes the long awaited intermission report. It presents our conclusions of our first Intermission meeting mid December 2008 in Belgium. Take your time to read it, and to understand it. This report is much about understanding how we work, how we think the world around us is fake as illusion, and about the first step in prepping: find a location.

The agenda:
1. Determine our investigation method
2. Stuff we could all agree on
3. create a timeline with events of huge historical interest or which had serious historical consequences.
4. create a list of possible surviving spots on Earth where we can build a base. Read the rest of this entry »

… and a happy few year(s)!

Friday, January 2, 2009 @ 19:11

Ok, party-time’s over, so let’s get the obvious things out of the way and see what 2009 brings us.

The Modelspace of the Matrix, thoroughly examined by Clifford and Igor at and now forecasting 2009, doesn’t look that hearth-warming.

2009 is the “Year of Transformation” Take a snapshot of where you were today and your life situation is likely to besignificantly differentby year end –to be changed by this year’s pending events.

“Year of Transformation” Highlights Read the rest of this entry »