… a New World Resistance is emerging as well …

Saturday, April 4, 2009 @ 20:00

Just as expected way back in January, we are dead-on our own schedule and that of HalfPastHuman.com. No more comments needed. This was France/Greece/Iceland today:

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The way out

Friday, February 6, 2009 @ 12:00

Escaping the matrix sounds cool, and probably is a cool thing to do. One probably doesn’t need to do much think-work about it, but just cut to the case and do it.

But still. As long as we are in the matrix, the rules of the matrix apply. We have defined two possible ways of escaping. The smooth and the tough way out. As the matrix gets more black and white by the day, we believe there will only be these two options. Furthermore, the longer we delay the escape, the less chance on a smooth way out gets, and the larger we face an inevitable tough way out.

The way out only handles the physical move of ourselves from Western Europe to one of the spots. What we refer to as the way in, refers to the mental, emotional and psychological adjustments our colony will have to make once the way out has been successfully accomplished.

The smooth way out
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… the storm

Monday, February 2, 2009 @ 17:10

As the folks of HalfPastHuman and ourselves expected a ‘ship landing’ Obama test in the two first weeks of his presidency, we have to admit they and we were wrong. HalfPastHuman’s twin quake was another prediction that didn’t surface. That’s two in a row. Not that reliable it seems. Being an IT engineer myself, I somewhat have a premature explanation for these mistakes. The linguistic models need to be adjusted quite rapidly. This is an important factor for the correctness of the predictions they make. Their system is quite complex and needs to evolve at the same pace of the linguistic transformation every day. Their calculation power and manpower are limited, while the net keeps growing every day, and so does the language that is being used. Though this last point is probably not an issue, it is worth noting that the linguistic process might be speeding up, just like all other stuff in the matrix, and they can’t keep up with it. Bottom line: i think – no matter how complex and how fine-tuned their technology is – they can at best predict large events in a quite wide timeframe. I think it is likely they will increasingly fail at predicting the small/detailed stuff, though they are definitely right about the upcoming summer of hell.

My name is Change. Climate Change.
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Can you feel the pain?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 @ 19:42

The pain of the crisis is now having direct results. I see people around me, losing money, jobs. Someone told me today her husband now only has to work 2 days in a week until further notice.

The other pain we feel is the amount of thinking we are going through. It takes a lot of time. It took two years of time for me to study the whole 9/11 subject. You know from those people shouting “9/11 was an inside job”. Well, now I have to study ancient history, space history, financial movements, political movements among religion, science and the difference between God and god in slightly less time.

We try to be as well informed as we can before we leave. We wont get a complete view before we leave, even less a detailed view. I use the simple rule: if some few at the top rule this kindergarten, then some few at the bottom with a clear focus, should be able to see and predict their moves. Someone called me a pataphysicist. Basically means: everything is a coincidence, stop looking for evidence.

I also managed to find out why people don’t believe any of what we are saying: They are kept in the dark. They like it that way, they are now used to it. They found a certain amount of luck in this situation. After all, it took them years to finally reach that point. Being lucky is a precious thing, and – just as we always vote for those who promise to preserve our material luck – the mind will routinely reject theories or even scientific facts in order to protect this achieved state of mind.
Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy, lucky, and I totally understand these people. This is why this crisis is the kind of thing we need now. I’m hoping people will start to question their state of mind. Since the paradigm around us is rapidly changing, we might eventually get some kind of a revolution. There’s only one thing to monitor: the devaluation of the world around those people must go quickly, in order to have the shock effect. It needs to be drastic too, to keep them from hoping things will ever be the same again. There you go, yet another prediction we will have to take account for, somewhere around the transition into the next decade.

Homework for today: download this and read it (regardless if you’re with us or with the terrorists)


Tuesday, September 30, 2008 @ 08:31

If you want to be sure of something, check out what the naysayers are writing. So far not much. Googling for ‘2012 scam‘ or ‘2012 hoax‘ turns out to be disappointing if you’re looking for real debunking arguments. Most debunkers state that it ‘simply’ cannot be true, because ‘it isn’t true’.

I admit it isn’t easy to debunk something that was initially bunked by almost no evidence. Debunk articles can be found here, here, here and here.

Even with all this debunking, we stick to plan. Why? Just like this lady rightfully writes: ‘just turn on your TV and radio’. If you believe this world is not dramatically changing, you should carry on as planned. We see many events aligning.

There is the proven polar shift (thanks NASA), which is speeding up in a logarithmic speed curve (Google Earth can even show you). This curve is to be found in the the financial world. Whether it is about number of companies going bankrupt per year the last 50 years or about the amount of Earth resources consumed for ‘economical growth’, or even about the inflation of every currency on the planet, you’ll find this curve over and over again. Even the world popuplation and the Earth’s hearthbeat the Schuman Resonance (just-another-believe-it-or-not-link). All these curves will eventually lead to a singularity, but we still don’t link a date to it.

What would you do if you had ancient knowledge that has little marks on a calendar indicating the months or years to look for shelter? What would you do if you had the control over the people who own the media?

If you want to understand why and how the world is changing accept that:
– people conspire all the time. Whenever you have groups of people, the smaller, smarter group is always going to try to control the large group. This is a human reaction for over centuries if not ages.
– information is not free, because it is valuable. And because of the first point, it might be of interest to some people not to disclose certain information. Reasons can be righteous like “we don’t want to inflict a mass-panic” or less pure reasons like “we must be the only one with access to this information”. As there is a lot of disinformation, thus confusion and chaos around, I suspect the latter to be the motivation for some information not to be disclosed.

The internet is the weapon of mass deceiving in this Thrid World War. Nobody is better at dividing the masses than the masses themselves. This is exactly the point of us leaving the Matrix, for this is only the very beginning.