We use abbreviations and some matrix slang in our articles you might not understand. Here’s a little dictionary.

  • TPTB: The Powers That Be. The people behind the curtains, the men and women that were not elected, but make world impacting decisions in secrecy. Most complete list to date: PDF
  • MSM: Main Stream Media. The favorite tool of PTB to manipulate the masses and to keep them tame, lazy and silent. MSM is 99.99% controlled by PTB.
  • pre-sequence: in our point of view big events in the future are announced by smaller events in the now. Say you have the big event now, you know there will be consequences in the future (with every next consequence having less ‘historical’ significance) and there were pre-sequences in the past (with the latest pre-sequence being the clearest indication for the main event itself). This is not exact science.
  • Alpha team: People of our survival group who are ready and standby to leave the matrix on short notice.
  • Beta team: People from the colony who understand the urge of leaving this society in the not-so-distant future, but are awaiting more ‘triggering events’ to make up their final choice.
  • Sheeple: sheep + people. Sheep move in herds, many of them can be controlled by one dog. Sheep are associated with a warm and good sleep as well. Thus, sheeple = dormant, moving-with-the-masses (majority of) humans.
  • Shleeple: Sheep + sleep + people. The kind of sheeple that knows they are sheep, but refuse to do anything about it.
  • TSHTF: The Shit Hits The Fan – A serious situation where you would find yourself in a short-term position of distress or danger such as a natural disaster (large-scale floods, blizzards, hurricanes, volcanoes etc…), small-scale rioting, civil unrest or small scale terrorist attacks. In some SHTF scenarios you may either have to bunker down in your home (or someone else’s) or escape and evade the confines of society and head for the hills (i.e. bug out). Typically, this situation would last only a short duration (3-5 days and definitely less than 30 days) but that does not preclude it from being especially dangerous on a personal level. SHTF situations quickly escalate and often come with little warning and can deteriorate very rapidly.
  • TEOTWAWKI: The End OF The World As We Know It – Situations with a severe and serious impact on a national or even global scale such as prolonged civil unrest, coordinated and persistent terrorist attacks, mass rioting or a state of war and moving on to nuclear destruction, climate shifts and ice ages; basically anything that has a societal or global impact and changes life and the world as we know it for the long-term. This would typically be a rather long-term situation (30 days or more) forcing one from their home or into long-term distress and changing your way of life for an extended period of time.

Found a word on the blog you don’t know? Drop it with a comment below.


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